As each year draws to an end and the new one approaches, I inevitably find myself reflecting on the past year and doing some planning for the next.

A recent trip to Croatia was another lesson in presence, living in the moment, and appreciating the blessing and importance of our place in the world.

The fullness of a completed task is the reward. It consumes all the hardship and doubt experienced along the way. It owns the moment. So, hike on and do the hard thing. It's worth it.

Intense clarity is the perfect way to describe the experience of hiking up to an alpine lake the Sangre de Cristo mountains.

Until recently, my life has been a game of stockpiling awards and acolytes. But now I have chosen to put aside the idea that I need to win what is valued by someone else.

Hiking the Uinta Highline Trail in northern Utah is a great place to unplug and reconnect.

The changing of life’s seasons are pathways to new adventures and invitations to open ourselves up to diverse possibilities and exciting new challenges.

Explore the Arizona Trail to discover the motto of the state and the wonder of this astonishing place.

Community is a powerful force among hikers. Perhaps it's source is in the people that surround the trail.

Deciding on your first long distance hike can be a great adventure in itself.

Doing a winter climb of Quandary Peak brings an amazing feeling of accomplishment and awe from one of the tallest peaks in Colorado.

New year brings new exciting developments at David on Earth