Find joy in this immersion of your existence. And then when it’s your turn and you consider what it took to get there, you will truly know that it was worth it.

  •  29-06-2024 12:34 PM

I wasn’t excited about this last hike, so I didn’t go. I didn’t want half the prize. Maybe next time it will be exactly what I need.

  •  30-04-2024 08:00 AM

Knowledge is our best tool to keep us safe out in the wild. Get to know true black bear behavior and how we can peacefully live among them on our backpacking adventures.

  •  23-04-2024 09:00 AM

Summer hiking will be here before you know it, which means we need to start getting ready. But us older hikers face a set of challenges that younger hikers do not.

  •  03-04-2024 08:00 AM

Some of the most common water filters for backpacking are inadequate for purifying water that is contaminated with chemicals or heavy metals. Here is a review of one that does.

  •  19-11-2023 08:00 AM

Over 100 people die every year in the U.S. while on hiking trips. Most of these are easily preventable by bringing some essential gear.

  •  05-11-2023 08:00 AM

The two core reasons to spend time being active in nature are centered on our own needs and about the needs of those we love.

  •  22-10-2023 09:13 AM

Here's the sum of it all: we are born, we live, we die. That's it. At some point we will take action on what we need to do with whatever is left of our lives. Own yours.

  •  25-08-2023 08:00 AM

I am often asked about the meals I take on trail with me. Here are a couple of my favorite homemade meals for backpacking.

  •  16-12-2022 09:35 PM

Hiking feels good and right with evidence of becoming a better me, like when I write. The science proves it.

  •  12-11-2022 08:33 PM

We get sidetracked by things that don’t matter. Set our path upon the road of things not soon forgotten.

  •  04-08-2022 08:54 PM

I think about the “what ifs” as I recall those events that seemed meaningless at the time but realize now that they were pivotal to where I am today.

  •  21-04-2022 08:31 PM