07 Oct

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After several serious health issues in my life, I have become quite intentional about what I do with my time and what I put in my body. Staying active and eating healthy is a big part of how I choose to live my life. Since my primary outdoor activity is hiking, I have dedicated a good amount of time to researching how I can make the most of my time in the wilderness. A big part of that is staying healthy. The foods that I eat and the routine I submit myself to while out there is very much on purpose.

Writing The Pescatarian Hiker has been a multi-year project. And I’m happy to now be able to share what I have learned with a greater population.

With an astonishing 38% growth of the plant-based (meatless) food industry over the past couple years, it is only a matter of time before trail food suppliers start offering more accommodating choices. Until then, I address the topic head-on with a volume of research and a practical approach.

But this book is not just for a those who are on a meatless diet. It is an excellent educational resource for good eating on the trail - for almost any diet.

Backpacking can quickly deplete energy sources and can cause major disruptions to performance and general health status - both mental and physical. Discover why this happens and how to replenish the body to take full advantage of our time in nature.

The Pescatarian Hiker also contains easy to prepare, great tasting meal recipes with on and off trail preparation steps. Ingredients are labeled with key nutritional information to help the reader understand the contribution of each toward full daily recovery and health maintenance. It also contains recipe options for hot cooking, cold soaking, and raw preparation styles.

If the goal is to maintain optimal performance levels throughout the day and enjoyment at mealtime, this book is a must read.


The Pescatarian Hiker

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