03 Feb

I’ve been putting together a series of videos on YouTube concerning what it takes to prepare for a 100-mile hike. The first in the series dealt with physical and mental preparation. The second addresses the process for deciding on what trail to do

While I was researching the topic of deciding on what trail to do, I thought it would be good to put together a list of the more well-known trails that are at least 100 miles long in the United States. The list ended up being 59 trails that covered 41 States. I put links in the list for anyone to do their own research and gather more information. 

There were others that were not as well suited for backpacking, so I discounted those. And there are many other shorter trails that could be strung together to form a 100-mile circuit, I didn’t include those either. But, overall, I thought this was amazing! Most people are within a few hours drive from any number of long trails in the U.S. 

The longest is the Great Western Loop Trail that links the Pacific Crest Trail, Pacific Northwest Trail, Continental Divide Trail, Grand Enchantment Trail, and the Arizona Trail to form a 6875-mile loop. The shortest was the Corvallis to the Sea Trail in Oregon that was right at 100 miles. The trails cover all types of terrain from the lowest to highest point in the U.S. and throughout every quadrant of the lower 48. The American Discovery Trail goes from the Atlantic to the Pacific, covering 6800 miles. 

The choices are overwhelming but can be narrowed down quickly by weighing a few factors: 

  • Decide the general location and proximity to home the trail needs to be. 
  • Decide what time of year is best suited. 
  • Decide if it will be a solo hike or hiking with partners. 

After a person decides on these three things, consult the list and do some research online to narrow the list even further to the point of deciding. The process might reveal other factors to consider as well. The choice and the process of deciding is as unique as the individual. 

The list is a free download from my Patreon page. While you’re there, take a look at the subscription choices. All patrons of David on Earth are ensuring content like this keeps rolling in – and they get to enjoy the unique benefits of each subscription level. 

Have fun with it!

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