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From 2008 to 2012 I wrote a lot of songs which resulted in the production of 4 solo CDs, one solo EP, and one CD with the band Polaradio.   Most of this was not possible without the help of Dusty Hughes, my producer and who played on all these CDs.  Special thanks to all my fellow musicians: Dwayne Seibert, David Busby, Frank Romero, and Rick Capoli; and to photographer Sean Yarger and artist Jason Chase-Dobiash.  Find Polaradio fun on YouTube

Below you will see my solo work.  Again, please consider purchasing through Bandcamp.

David on Earth - Buy at Bandcamp


Released 2008

It's Time
Only One
It Should
Life's Railway to Heaven
When Worlds Collide
Want You
I Know
Second Chances

Ashes to Ashes - Buy at Bandcamp


Released 2009

Comin' Down    
Ashes to Ashes    
Free From Me
The Other Side     
Finding You    
This Heart of Mine    
Sun Rise
Miracle in Me
Loving You
I Am    
Takes Time

Mercy - Buy at Bandcamp  

Released 2009

Light of Mercy    
I Dream    
Fade Away
Rain Comes Down
Live in Me    
Old Shoes

Half Done - Buy at Bandcamp


Released 2010

Won't Be Too Long
Everybody Knows
Half Done
Still Chasing
Raise the Sky
I See About You Now
Run, Run
Don't Look Down
Rescue Me
Ain't Gonna Matter
Shut Down

Winds of Fate - Buy at Bandcamp


Released 2012

Dirty Knees
If Only
My Way Home
One More Day
Old Man
One Step
Precious Thing
Shining Down